Hot Coffee Beans
Selamat datang di website ini, yeay! Perkenalkan nama saya Yoggy Satya, biasa dipanggil sayang. Saya alien yang terlahir dari rahim alien lain yang bernama Mbak Lis. Untuk lebih jelasnya kamu perlu aktif dan tidak mager untuk klik More About Me di bawah ini. Sekian sambutan singkatnya. So, mau salam sayang apa salam unch nih?



A Singing Rooster

- -
Yesterday I was in the mood to take photos, I observed the behavior of animals, including a rooster. The style is elegant as having the charisma of its own for me. Solid body fits into a philosophical man who became leader. I took this photo when he says "'cock-a-doodle-doo" or "Kukuruyuk" in Indonesian. it was so amazing guys.

Cool right?

p.s : Love you from Kediri. Indonesia ;)


Until the End of This Tears

- -

see you go away
Ended up with wounds in
whether I am able to wait for you?
Waiting for something that is not definite
Come back, come back love
I miss you come back here
Slowly you disappear
I ran a search for you
I imagine you will come

every day I miss you
Tears it up..
Until now I'm still waiting for you
Hoping for a miracle to come
Though I know you never understand
What I actually want
Slowly you disappear
until the end of this tear...


Geminid Meteor Look Over My House

- -

Hey guys
December 14, 2013 This morning around 4 am, I see the Geminid meteor over my house. The meteor appears twice in a minute, it looks very cool. I can see it with the naked eye without telescope! it is fabulous! haha

I am very glad to see that natural events from Indonesia, I saw it with someone I love so much that my mother and someone who is still hidden identity, lol :p

I swear, this is the end of the most bizarre, fun and crazy in my life. I do not know maybe it's the power of love <3 :)


Hot Coffee and Cream

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listeners ...
This is my new blog is born this day on December 11, 2013 (111213) cool, right? # LOL
I hope I can always update this blog!
This is my journey, enjoy with hot coffee and cream when you hear my writing, weird right?
listenokie here, stay here don't go away! : D